The Combipack contains:
Each vial contains:
Quinapyramine Sulphate B. Vet. C...........1.5 g
Quinapyramine Chloride B. Vet. C............1.0 g
Sterile water for Injection B.P. ...................15 ml

ASIPYR-V is an antihaemoprotozoal drug used as a curative and prophylactic treatment for Trypanosomiasis in cattle, buffalo, horse, camel, donkey, elephant,
sheep, goats and dogs.

ASIPYR-V is indicated for the treatment and prevention of trypanosomiasis caused byvarious species of Trypanosoma viz. T. evansi, T. vivax, T. brucei,
T. equiperdum, T. congolense and T. simiae in cattle, buffalo, horse, camel, donkey, elephant, sheep, goats and dogs.

Animals known to be hypersensitive to Quinapyramine Sulphate and Quinapyra-mine Chloride. ASIPYR-V should not be administered to animals with an impaired renal or hepatic function.

Mode of action:
ASIPYR-V acts by inhibiting the growth and cell division of haemoprotozoans, paralyzing the protozoan parasites.

Dosage and Administration:
Dissolve ASIPYR-V powder in 15ml. sterile water for injection.
0.025 ml. per kg body weight or 1 ml per 40 kg body weight. Not more than 15ml per animal.
Subcutaneous route only.
Prophylaxis: ASIPYR-V injection should be administered at 2-3 months interval against T. evansi, T. congolense or T. vivax in endemic areas of 'Surra' and 'Nagana'.

Side effects:
Side effects are rarely seen. In adults, salivation, sweating and tremors may be seen in some weak animals. The Veterinarian should be consulted where necessary.

Generally toxicity to Quinapyramine Sulphate and Quinapyramine Chloride is not a concern in adult animals. However in young stocks Quinapyramine Sulphate and Quinapyramine Chloride may sometimes cause trembling, sweating and salivation. A symptomatic treatment and help of the Veterinarian may be taken where necessary. Rarely, in severe cases an increase in respiration and heart rate may lead to collapse and death.

Massage the site of injection to reduce local tissue damage. Extra care is needed while treating horses. A divided dose is recommended in sensitive
animals Weight of the animal should be assessed as accurately as possible and administer appropriate dose

Withdrawal period:
Animals must not be slaughtered and milk should not be used for human consumption during treatment. The withdrawal periods after the last treatment for all meat and milk producing animals are as follows:
Meat : 21 days
Milk : 4 days

Take extra care in horses and weak animals
Store below 30°C in a dry place, Protect from direct sunlight
A carton of 2.5 g vial with sterile water for Injection